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Test Automation

Automated web testing

A company is what its web application is. There is no doubt about that. Placing orders, buying food, using a service, reading a blog, or taking a course; there’s a lot that the web handles today. Now, imagine a user trying to access a service, and it gets denied. Mostly, that’s one business down. Or, […]

Test cases

According to a study conducted by Wipro, test automation has found increased usage across all major industries, with a massive 85% rise in companies adopting test automation practices. Businesses are increasingly looking to use test automation to shorten their testing cycles, save human resources, and find bugs faster. Test automation promises to provide higher test coverage […]

Functional testing

QA teams are under constant pressure to create applications that are error-free, fully functional, and streamlined. It’s their responsibility to ensure the developed software meets all the requirements and standards set for it initially. This is where automated functional testing comes in. It enables testers to check for the product’s quality, reliability, and performance under […]

Test automation for insurance

The digital revolution has transformed various industries, and insurance is no exception. While the transition from legacy to cutting-edge technologies is no small accomplishment, it is inspiring to see more and more organizations embrace this change. However, with the world being ‘connected’ and customer being ‘the king,’ not having an up-to-date digital landscape can cost […]

Test automation strategy

Software development is a hyper-competitive industry. The only way to maintain an edge over the others is by sticking to an accelerated development timeline without losing out on the quality of the software.  Unfortunately, manual testing strikes out on both of those points. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and fraught with errors. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of all software […]

Manual Vs Automated Testing

Software testing is an integral part of a successful project/product delivery. It is the process of evaluating your software functionalities to validate if they are working as expected. A report from Statista states that around 23% of an organization’s annual IT budget is allocated towards quality assurance and testing1. Rightly so, because quality software opens […]

Gain 2x from SAP Testing

Frequent upgrades and releases that massively impact business-critical processes define Modern SAP applications. This calls for a scalable, agile, and efficient testing process to ensure flawless execution of these applications.   Test automation involves running tests automatically while utilizing the test results to continually improve applications’ quality and efficiency. From executing test cases to reporting, a […]

Error proof SAP applications

A significant factor that contributes to steadily increasing profit margins in any organization is how well it adapts to changes. There are innumerable forms of changes – regulatory and compliance-based, technology-related, business growth and expansion into new markets that give one company an edge over its competitors. Change and adaption is a never-ending cyclical process for all businesses.  Although time, cost and effort play an important […]