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In many cases, projects run out of time not because of an incorrect planning, but the inefficient way the code is tested. Testing a software product for bugs should happen at earlier stages because the earlier, the cheaper. Besides, it immensely saves time and resources. In a traditional testing process, engineers perform software testing towards […]

Test automation strategy

Software development is a hyper-competitive industry. The only way to maintain an edge over the others is by sticking to an accelerated development timeline without losing out on the quality of the software.  Unfortunately, manual testing strikes out on both of those points. It’s tedious, time-consuming, and fraught with errors. Unsurprisingly, over 90% of all software […]

End to end testing

We all know what software testing is. It’s the process that tests whether the software works as expected and with quality. There are hundreds of software apps that we use every day and, they all go through various testing processes before reaching us. Nowadays, the widely used and more productive testing method used for user flow is […]

Gain 2x from SAP Testing

Frequent upgrades and releases that massively impact business-critical processes define Modern SAP applications. This calls for a scalable, agile, and efficient testing process to ensure flawless execution of these applications.   Test automation involves running tests automatically while utilizing the test results to continually improve applications’ quality and efficiency. From executing test cases to reporting, a […]

Why businesses should automate

Remote work is here to stay, and there has never been a more critical time for businesses to automate every possible thing they can. 2020 has redefined the way companies operate or perhaps brought forth the areas they could improvise. One of the most prominent innovations that many CIOs are implementing today is automation.   Automation […]