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Introducing Avo’s Quality Automation System

QAS Triangle

The Avo Quality Automation System is the world’s gold standard for simple, intelligent and resilient automation, freeing people from manual tasks and allowing them to do more of what they love.

Avo Discover: Document & Prioritize

Avo Discover empowers you to understand, prioritize and auto-create digital assistants.

Knowledge is power and Avo Discover enables business users to easily transform captured processes into well-documented and auto-generated digital assistants without requiring a business analyst!

  • Instantly document processes within any application, across any business processes
  • Seamlessly combine individual tasks into end-to-end enterprise processes
  • Rapidly improve compliance and governance with well-documented processes
  • Collaborate and prioritize processes for automation
  • Automatically create process documentation and Avo Digital Assistants
Avo Assure: Test & Optimize

Avo Assure makes software testing faster and error-proof.

Highly intelligent and application-agnostic, Avo Assure takes quality assurance beyond current software test automation tools without writing code

  • Instantly auto-generate test automation across the web, mobile, desktop, ERP applications, & mainframes without writing code
  • Leverage 1400+ prebuilt keywords to easily & rapidly build test cases
  • Easily visualize your test landscape, with the first mind map in test automation
  • Quickly update and upgrade test scenarios to expand coverage & reduce maintenance
  • Eliminate errors as you change and update applications over time
Avo Assist: Automate & Analyze

Avo Assist goes beyond typical robotic process automation.

Easily design, build, test and deploy high quality “digital assistants” to automate processes of any size. Significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and free up your most important resource for innovation: your employees.

  • Automatically import processes captured with Avo Discover to rapidly create digital assistants with minimal effort
  • Have peace of mind because your Avo Digital Assistants are continuously resilient
  • Execute your complex processes with our high-performance Avo Digital Assistants
  • Accurately identify and interpret field-level information with ease using artificial intelligence
  • Scale and manage Avo Digital Assistants to address your business needs

How automation should be.

One continuous system that does it all.