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How Mizuho OSI achieved 65% cost savings with Avo Assure





Mizuho OSI

The Challenge

The customer wanted to establish regulatory and quality standards across its diverse business processes involving SAP, Salesforce, and various other applications.

The Solution

Avo Assure, a no-code, and heterogeneous test automation solution, enabled end-to-end test automation with a few clicks of the buttons, delivering higher quality.

Business Benefits

  • Automated over 1000 test cases
  • 65% test execution cost savings
  • 4x improvement in test coverage
  • 69% effort savings
  • Improved end-to-end business process governance


Customer Business Objective  

Mizuho OSI, founded in 1978, pioneered the specialty surgical table. It has revolutionized the industry in the last 40+ years collaborating with surgeons and healthcare providers to bridge the gaps in operating room inefficiencies. Their products simplify procedures, improve precision, reduce risks, and radically change the surgical table market. Being the largest medical devices manufacturers, they specialize in orthopedic and spine surgery tables.

The Challenge

One of the changes they wanted to implement was testing their business processes more efficiently to continue the innovation-driven culture and bring about enterprise transformation. These business processes spanned SAP, Salesforce, and various other technologies. Their primary challenge was ensuring business processes within and across SAP and Salesforce business systems meet regulatory and quality standards.

To achieve this, the current testing methodologies posed the following setbacks:

  1. While some of the testing was automated, most of it was still manual. It was tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone.
  2. SAP was the core business application, and the team faced various issues with automating its testing.
  3. End-to-end test automation was far from being a reality as the team faced challenges with tedious manual testing and code-driven automated testing that delivered lower quality.
  4. A high combined effort of 16,800-person testing-hours at $650K costs incurred.
  5. Even after bearing higher costs and efforts, the team achieved only 20% test automation coverage, testing only one scenario/week.
  6. The User Quality Acceptance was low.

Upon carefully assessing the challenges and the changes they wanted to bring about, Mizuho OSI opted for Avo as their test automation solution.

The Solution

Avo Assure is no-code test automation, a heterogeneous test automation solution that fundamentally transforms how you test applications. The easy-to-use UI and 1500+ pre-built keywords further expedite testing. It is certified for SAP and has been ranked a high performer on G2 twice in a row.

Here’s how Avo Assure helped Mizuho overcome its test automation challenges:


  1. Avo Assure ruled out a significant chunk of manual testing with its no-code capabilities. It empowered the team to test applications without writing a single line of code.
  2. With pre-built SAP test cases, rapid test case design, and continuous execution, it automated over 1000 test cases.
  3. Thus, the test automation coverage also increased to 80%, delivering rapid SAP S/4HANA test coverage expansion. The team now tested four scenarios/week.
  4. Since Avo Assure is cross-platform compatible, it helped achieve test automation for SAP, Salesforce, and various other applications, thus achieving end-to-end test automation.
  5. Together, the no-code approach, pre-built test cases, and heterogeneous capability significantly increased end-to-end business process governance practices and quality.​
  6. The User Acceptance Quality was high.

 Business Benefits

• Automated over 1000 test cases


• Achieved 65% test execution cost and savings 


• 4x improvement in test coverage from 20% to 80%


• Achieved 69% effort savings


• Enhanced the teams’ capacity to test 4x faster 


• Rapidly improved end-to-end business process governance practices and quality​