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Fortune 500 European IT Service Provider Decreases Costs by 50% with Automation




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The Challenge

The company’s SAP user management team wanted an RPA solution to automate user creation process and shorten the IT service time.

The Solution

Avo Assist, an intelligent Robotic Process Automation solution, automated the entire user management system and ensured high quality services, at a faster rate.


  • Decreased ticket resolution time by 80%
  • Reduced operational costs by 50%
  • Ensured continuous availability



This IT company manages a global service desk and application services for 50+ international SAP customers, with over 200 production and nonproduction SAP instances.

To ensure uninterrupted business operations support, the application operations and service desk management (SDM) team must operate round-the-clock.

Given that the business operates through a shared services model, the complexity doubles with varying degrees of standard operating procedures (SOP) and service-level agreements for each participating customer.

Each customer also has an ITSM tool that needs to be integrated with the company’s global service desk.

For every SAP user management and access authorization request from a customer, the team needs to: identify the customer’s standard operating procedure (SOP), validate the requested details as per customer-specific approval workflow, trigger an email with user credentials, and update the closure status in service desk and ITSM tools.

To cater to these incoming requests, these were the challenges faced:

The process was highly repetitive and required meticulous efforts to address each request, which reduced the team’s overall productivity.

The system was inefficient in terms of scalability, especially when the number of requests was high.

The time taken to resolve each request was 72 minutes, which meant, a service desk professional could only work on a maximum of 6 requests per day.

The overall operational cost was high due to the increased human and infrastructure resources involved.

Overcoming these roadblocks while staying profitable was no easy job. The company wanted to optimize its business process through automation.


Avo Assist, an intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, automated IT processes with advanced AI capabilities. These processes included ServiceNow, SAP, Microsoft Outlook, and SharePoint. Avo Assist delivered the following capabilities:

  • Analyzing and validating requests by identifying the SOP of the customer and verifying the requester information and authorization details without human intervention.
  • Automatically triggering emails with user credential details and updating the closure status in software development management (SDM) and IT service management.
  • Carrying out the above actions within 14 minutes instead of 72 minutes, paving the way for rapid staging of business approvals and user account creation in SAP.


  • Decreased ticket resolution time: With Avo Assist, the IT service time for SAP user management reduced from 72 minutes to 14 minutes per request. It further enhanced the scalability to accommodate a higher inflow of tickets.
  • Reduced operational cost: The overall operating cost for the IT service operations reduced by 50%.
  • Ensured continuous availability: The digital assistants were available and efficient 24/7. Automatic notifications of changes enabled continuous uptime.
  • Enhanced security: Due to zero manual interference, creating and sharing sensitive information like user credentials enhanced the overall system’s safety.
  • Ruled out human errors: With the system being fully automated, human errors were eliminated.