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You can’t control what you cannot measure. Rightly put out by Tom DeMarco, a software engineer, author, and consultant for software engineering topics, the same applies to your test automation initiatives. Understanding the QA process to identify and fix pain points is crucial. That is why test automation metrics are inevitable to you. With the […]

Functional testing

QA teams are under constant pressure to create applications that are error-free, fully functional, and streamlined. It’s their responsibility to ensure the developed software meets all the requirements and standards set for it initially. This is where automated functional testing comes in. It enables testers to check for the product’s quality, reliability, and performance under […]

“The risk of a project failing without a proper plan is far more than a project with a proper plan.” True to the line, a well-created test automation plan is the first step to successful software delivery. To succeed, start with a wise test automation plan. What is a test automation plan? A test automation […]

All businesses undergo constant change with customer demand and expectations always scaling up. In response, agility is the key to success for an enterprise that builds software of any type. That’s why software industry needs to embrace agile processes for software delivery. DevOps is an innovative approach for agility, accepted as an efficient way to […]

Accessibility testing

According to the World Health Organization, 15% of the population have one or form of disability. This data significantly drives the importance of Accessibility Testing in the current world. Meaning, it’s not only the right thing to do to make applications more accessible from an inclusive perspective but also makes business sense in doing so.  Since […]


Steve Jobs once said “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”   For software testers, the best tool is test automation.  Test automation efficiently handles monotonous and recurring tasks. It, therefore, paves the path to greater […]

test cases

Test automation is one of the hottest trends in the market. TEST Magazine, along with SoftwareTestingNews, carried out a survey on the current adoption trends of manual : automated testing, and the results revealed that 66% of respondents are either at 75:25 or 50:50, and only 9% said they are just doing manual testing. Not only does test […]

Automated testing in Agile

The year 2001 marked the introduction of one of the most revolutionary changes in software development. A group of enlightened programmers came together to design a methodology that could catch up with the industry’s rising need for rapid growth and turnaround solutions. Instead of the general waterfall approach, they decided to use a more collaborative […]

GUI Test Automation

Your software’s user interface or front-end is the most crucial element since it’s the first part end-users interact with. Well-designed UI that functions optimally can raise conversion rates by up to 200%. On the other hand, clunky UI that fails to perform on different browsers and platforms can eventually alienate your audience and push them away. […]

Continuous testing

The IT marketplace is competitive; well, which industry isn’t? While application delivery at speed is essential, ensuring the right customer experience is critical. One bad experience could cost organizations its customers and the associated revenue. The answer lies in offering higher quality, faster, and at the right time. Continuous testing enables all of these and […]