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Test Automation for manufacturing industry
CASE STUDY KEY HIGHLIGHTS   Customer  Mizuho OSI The Challenge The customer wanted to establish regulatory and quality standards across its diverse business processes involving SAP, Salesforce, and various other applications. The Solution Avo Assure, a no-code, and heterogeneous test automation solution, enabled end-to-end test automation with a few clicks of the buttons, delivering higher [...]

With the global automation testing market poised to touch $35 billion by 2026, it’s clear that organizations are shifting to automated testing. And for a good reason.  After all, automation testing does offer a host of benefits, including increased test coverage, better ROI, faster development cycles, cost savings, and more. Moreover, automated tests can also help […]


CINCINNATI (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 16, 2021 Avo Automation, the number one solution for automated software testing and intelligent process automation, today announced that its test automation solution—Avo Assure 3.0, has achieved Oracle certification as integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). This integration will allow Oracle cloud clients to easily configure OCI to drive their business goals while […]

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In this webinar, we’ll share the tips and tricks on error-proofing your fintech applications with intelligent test automation.
Avo helped CNA discover, map, and optimize its business processes
A no-code, heterogeneous approach enables end-to-end test automation
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In many cases, projects run out of time not because of an incorrect planning, but the inefficient way the code is tested. Testing a software product for bugs should happen at earlier stages because the earlier, the cheaper. Besides, it immensely saves time and resources. In a traditional testing process, engineers perform software testing towards […]

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Published 29 September 2021 – ID G00756801 By Analysts: Jim Scheibmeir, Joachim Herschmann, Thomas Murphy, Paul Schenck Enterprise SaaS applications have made it easier for enterprises to deliver more capabilities without actually owning the entire life cycle. But with their integrations come the ownership of ensuring the integrations are seamless. This is where ERP software […]

Automated web testing

A company is what its web application is. There is no doubt about that. Placing orders, buying food, using a service, reading a blog, or taking a course; there’s a lot that the web handles today. Now, imagine a user trying to access a service, and it gets denied. Mostly, that’s one business down. Or, […]

Test cases

According to a study conducted by Wipro, test automation has found increased usage across all major industries, with a massive 85% rise in companies adopting test automation practices. Businesses are increasingly looking to use test automation to shorten their testing cycles, save human resources, and find bugs faster. Test automation promises to provide higher test coverage […]

You can’t control what you cannot measure. Rightly put out by Tom DeMarco, a software engineer, author, and consultant for software engineering topics, the same applies to your test automation initiatives. Understanding the QA process to identify and fix pain points is crucial. That is why test automation metrics are inevitable to you. With the […]